Maison Carrée: Discover Nîmes' Iconic Roman Temple

Nestled in the charming city of Nîmes, France stands a marvel of Roman architecture, Maison Carrée. This ancient temple, dating back to the first century AD, is a true testament to the grandeur and craftsmanship of the Roman Empire.

A Glimpse into History

Approaching Maison Carrée, you'll be captivated by its stunning exterior. The temple's facade has been remarkably preserved over the centuries, showcasing intricate details and fine artistry. It's no wonder that Maison Carrée is regarded as one of the best-preserved Roman temples in Europe and Asia.

Despite some reviews claiming that there is nothing to see inside the temple, we decided to step in and discover its secrets. And let me assure you, we were not disappointed. While the interior might not house historical artifacts, it offers visitors an immersive experience of the origins of this remarkable structure.

An Interactive Journey

The caretakers have ingeniously recreated the temple's original appearance, allowing visitors to visualize how it looked when the Romans first built it. Through informative displays and interactive features, Maison Carrée takes you back in time, providing a glimpse into the lives of those who worshipped here.

Walking inside a 2000-year-old Roman temple is a rare privilege, and Maison Carrée's intact state only adds to its allure. As you roam through the square room, you can almost feel the weight of history surrounding you, marveling at the resilience of this ancient structure.

Preservation at Its Finest

While some might argue that the interior is not extravagant, it is essential to appreciate the temple's remarkable preservation and the efforts made to restore it. The white-washed walls and information boards convey the historical significance of Maison Carrée, complementing the experience and leaving visitors with a deeper understanding of its cultural value.

It is worth noting that Maison Carrée is included in the Nimes la Romaine pass, making it a convenient addition to your visit to Nîmes. However, even if you choose to view it from the outside, as some reviewers suggest, witnessing the timeless beauty of this architectural gem is an experience you won't want to miss.


Maison Carrée in Nîmes, France, stands as a symbol of the Roman Empire's legacy. This well-preserved temple offers visitors a journey back in time, allowing us to appreciate the craftsmanship and genius of the ancient Romans. While the interior might not house significant artifacts, Maison Carrée's historical significance and impeccable preservation make it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and those seeking a glimpse into ancient civilizations.

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