Discover the Enchanting Beauty of the 8th Bend in Sri Lanka

Welcome to a winding adventure through Sri Lanka's iconic 18 Bends Road, where each bend unveils a story of its own. Today, we delve into the specifics of the 8th bend, shedding light on its history, challenges, and the mesmerizing landscapes it offers.

A Road with Rich History

The 18 Bends Road, locally known as 'Daha Ata Wangu,' traces its origins back to the 19th century when the British constructed it as a crucial supply route to estates. Covering a length of 41 kilometers, this road was originally graced with 18 hairpin bends, but due to expansion, it stands at 17 bends today.

The Challenging Drive

Renowned as one of the most challenging roads in Sri Lanka, the 18 Bends Road has earned its reputation for its twists and turns. Despite the removal of one bend, it remains a daunting drive, attracting thrill-seekers and experienced drivers eager to conquer its twists. Connecting Kandy and Mahiyanganaya, it serves as a lifeline between regions that would otherwise face isolation.

A Tradition of Triumph

As travelers navigate the bends, a unique tradition has emerged—counting each bend. At the road's pinnacle, individuals of all ages pause to gaze down at the beautiful Mahiyangana valley, celebrating their triumph over the challenging route. It's a ritual that adds a touch of camaraderie to the journey.

Tips for the Adventurous

For those venturing into this daring drive, exercise caution when encountering monkeys along the roadside. Parking is available at viewpoints, providing a moment of respite, though a small fee may be incurred. While drones are prohibited, the internet hosts captivating aerial views, offering a glimpse of the road's twists from above.

Unveiling Breathtaking Views

The 8th Bend, like its counterparts, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. While you may not capture it from a bird's eye perspective, experiencing the sunrise along this road is an unforgettable sight. The play of colors over the mountains paints a picture that words struggle to describe.

Your Invitation to Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned driver seeking an adrenaline rush or a traveler hungry for a unique adventure, the 8th Bend of the 18 Bends Road beckons. It's not just a road; it's a passage through history, a triumph over challenges, and an immersion into the unparalleled beauty of Sri Lanka's Central Province.

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